What Is Love???

Friday, September 10, 2010

Today i'm quite in a romantic mood so i thought to write a blog about "Love"... well there are people who says that its just a time pass and its of no use... but from my point of view its the world's most beautiful and precious thing, God hav given us.... so people often ask that wat is love??? And there is quite answer to this, because common words are not enough to describe thorughly "love", but i'm gonna give a try and define love...

As far as i know love is a feeling, feeling that u r secured, feeling that u r blessed, feeling that u r amongst those who hav there love of life!.... Love make a person strong, he feels that i'm secured and if i loose every thing in life i still hav my love with me.... who will always take care of me.... Love is understanding each other, there likes, dislikes, turn ons and offs... But, Love is also like a bird if u hold it tightly it dies and if u hold it lightly it  flies!!!.... so look after u loved one..... Maybe love is like luck. You have to go all the way to find it. Love is sumthing that u cant stop thinking about the person u love... and u see his/her face in every boy/girl.... 

The most amazing feeling of love is its warmth and deepness. U r lucky if u hav found ur true love. But now a days im too much dissappointed in new generation, they hav no respect for love.Love is the most beautiful creation of God.

While writing this i'm literally crying, coz people havnt yet figured out the importance of love. I just remembered a dialogue from the movie "17 again", which is about love...... Zac effon is the actor, he gave this dialogue a life and its words are like a satisfaction for heart and food for soul.....his wife is getting a divorce and he doesnt want her to, because he loves her....

 "Scarlet, before u go through with this i would like u to remind of september 7th, 1989 when i first saw u. U were looking quite to zero, wearing a gun's and roses t-shirt, i had never seen anyhting so perfect, i remembered thinking i had to hav u or i'll die. And then u wispered in y ear that u loved me, at the home coming dance. I felt so peaceful and safe, because i knew that no matter wat happened frm that day on.... nothing can ever b that bad, because i had u. But then i aa... i grew up and lost my way, and blamed u of my failures. And i know that u think u hav to do this today... i dont want u 2.... but i guess.... if i love u.... i should let u move on....!!!"


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