5 Tips: Save ur Mobile if it gets wet!

Friday, September 10, 2010

5 Tips: Save ur Mobile if it gets wet!
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Today i'm gonna give u some useful tips on how to recover ur cell phone just in case if it gets wet... it could b in rain!! Well in our everyday life mobiles hav become a useful source to b in-contant with everyone u know!!.... That's y they r used at every single moment of life, therefore there is a chance that it might accidently get into water... One of my cell phone was dead because i was coming back to home and due to rain it was damaged on the way back!!!.... I wish i would knew these tricks before... my friend just told me today so i thought to share it with u guys... So here it goes:
Step 1:
Without thinking any further (that oh no! its wet wat to do) .... firstly pull out the battery at once... do it as soon as possible.

Step 2:
Take out everything that can b detached.... means if u hav inserted memory card pull it out....sim, casing.... open up everything.
Step 3:
When u hav unplugged everything... just take it out in sunlight and give it sum time to dry, so that all water that entered the cell, could b evaporated!!
Step 4:
Wait for atleast 12 hours even more if u think.... AND DONT TRY TO TEST IT USING UR BATTERY SAYING "LETS C IS IT WORKING OR NOT".... I warn u to do this.... if u do this the wet PCB gets short circuit because the water hasn't dried yet!
Step 5:
 Well, after u hav done all these steps, and u think that it is dried and no water is left... insert ur battery and give it a try.... Hopefully it will b working (*most of the cases it does)... And if not... then i'm sorry u hav to pay a visit to a nearest repairing shop!! ;)

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