Hav u ever thought of moving things with ur mind?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

well for about past couple of years i've been researching on how to move real life objects with just using ur brain... well i call it "THE BRAIN". World's most amazing and complex thing is Human Brain, it has billions of cells and many yet undiscovered parts of Brain!
 Human Brain is a mystery which has yet to b solved. Well coming back to the topic, in my research i've found that if a person is capable of clearing his thoughts he can do this.... Now, lets just  do a simple exercise.....

Can anyone out there just empty his mind for one second????.... well the answer is no... a person keeps thinking of different things all the time... if he just tries to do this, i bet he will be thinking that: "Oh i've emptied my mind"... this is also a thought... so in other words is tooooo much difficult to achieve this state of mind.... BUT i MUST say not IMPOSSIBLE.

Now wat i came across while searching and studying is that, there r Chinese tribes who hav retained this knowledge for several thousands years... and even now it is being practiced...

Now, what is this state of mind??? ...They say that this is gained by meditration i-e: concentration, or in other words focus... ur focus should b so strong that if u r concentrating on an object, for 4~5 hours and it just seems to u like just a couple of seconds hav passed.... this is this state of mind.... Well i must say its hard to achieve but there r exercises which allow u to do so.... For example: u try to develope concentration by focusing on the center of a pen and imagine that it is rolling and u r giving energy from ur mind... to move it to the other corner.... in doing so u r trying u build a muscle in ur brain .... that has never been used... its just like body building in order to make ur muscles bigger u hav to exercise just like it... u hav to work to develope this part of Brain that has never been used before!!!....
i hope u Guys enjoy it reading!!!....thx


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