Finally got a cheque for my first earnings

Sunday, June 12, 2011

finally i recieved a cheque for my earnings from fanbox! ^_^ ..... check this link for info if u wanna earn too:

Hello Everyone,
I am writing this post to let you guys know that i have finally joined the stream of those people who have successfully earned through Internet!.....I have also attached the picture in this post!
Today i am so much happy because i finally recieved a cheque from "FANBOX"....... Its been a long time i have been working on this site!..... writing blogs and interesting stories.... I started my account about 6 months back (on about 14 September, 2010)... i didnt know how to earn money and then all of a sudden i came through this site and i thought to give it a try... so i jumped for it..... i've worked on google adsense but they disabled my account, for unknow reasons (googl*e suck)..... But i must admitt fanbox is "THE" coolest site for earning online!.... Dont miss this chance, if you are reading this blog and are not signed up for this site... then trust me.... dont miss this opportunity and start earning today!.....
I made my cash out request on 18th March, 2011 and i got it on 14 April, 2011 since each month cash out requests are processed on 31th of that month so basically i got my cheque in 14 days!....
I have attached some photos of the cheque i recieved today.... do have a look!

Cheque Details:

I cashed out $332  and (i dont know why but may be) because of taxes and shipment charges i got $264.99 below are some of the pics i took.....

cheque front
cheque back
fanbox cheque
fanbox cheque

*I have hide the personal information so that it can not be missused
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